Field joint coating  are required when the land or subsea pipeline sections are welded together. The field joint area is where two pipe joints meet and are welded together. It must be protected against corrosion.

  • Heat Shrinkable Sleeve Field Joint Protection
  • Connector For Internal Field Joint Coating
  • Pipeline Field Joint Coating Robot

Backed up by the strong R&D capability, Tyhoo as the original design manufacturer of oilfield chemicals, pipe coating equipment and proprietary petroleum equipment in the oil and gas industry has been working continuously to meet various demands from our clients.

What makes Tyhoo stand out is our superior products and fast responsiveness, using cutting edge technology to reduce risk and bring about innovative, flexible cost-effective solutions that meet and exceed expectations.

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White Solutions Company strives to be the provider of the most effective and advanced technologies across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Thus, WSC & TYHOO has joined to implement TYHOO's advanced pipeline coating technology in the oil and gas sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

As the demands for joint coating quality are becoming more and more stringent, high attention shall be given to proper blasting and the actual coating. We develop Internal Field Joint Coating Robot that travel inside the pipes, find the joint weld, blast clean, vacuum, and coat & inspect. Utilizing various cameras, these robots transmit a real-time video image back to the operator, which is used for control and inspection.

How does it work:

Our robot comprises of Blasting vehicle, liquid spray vehicle, powder spay vehicle, inspection vehicle and recovery vehicle

The robot is composed of two systems: Individual vehicle control system and remote control system. The remote control system incorporates wireless communication system, portable video monitor and operating system. The crawler is guided to move forward, reverse, position, remove dust, blast clean, coati, inspect and shut down by remote control. We switch from ray positioning to optical positioning to increase the precision and accuracy of field joint positioning. It improves the operating environment thoroughly and makes the operation visualized. The robot is also equipped with safety measures for voltage dips and communication disruption enabling itself to run smoothly. The recovery vehicle goes into pipes to rescue the robot in case of fault, failure or other unexpected occasions.

Features of our proprietary robot:

  • Unequipped with independent power supply vehicle to make it compact and light
  • Each vehicle is self powered with single- chip smart control system, driving unit, video camera and wireless communication system
  • Compact in structure, light in weight, low in energy consumption and easy to operate
  • Portable video monitoring system and convenient operating system
  • Extend service life by relieving welding stress
  • Repeated liquid spray to facilitate the adjustment of thickness and width
  • Friction electro-static technology enables the powder spay with better looks and even thickness


  • Time saving with construction schedule. The field joint coating can be carried out during contractor breaks.
  • Reduce the repetitious applications and shorten the construction period
  • Low ambient environment requirement, quick in construction and easy control of quality.
  • Power-driven with low energy consumption. A generator with small capacity or storage battery is enough for power supply
  • Utilizing optical positioning system to make the inspection visualized, accurate and guarantee coating quality.